Who Cares About Your Book?

First and foremost, you do. That is why you spent the time and effort to write an entire book about a particular subject, or fantastic story. You certainly wouldn’t do that if you don’t care. Writing it all into a complete book also means you think someone else will care. Getting it all captured on paper, or into an eBook, allows many other people to enjoy your story, and to benefit from it.

Of course, your goal in writing the book is to reach as many interested, or affected, people as possible. The best place to start is to examine your own motivation and outcome. If your book will help people who are dealing with a particular challenge then your experience, as discussed in the book, should clearly articulate the challenge. More importantly, the book should describe how you overcame the challenge, or recovered from it. This allows people to relate to the issue they may be dealing with, but it also offers hope and a solution they may not have considered.

Armed with this basic idea of why your story may be important to others, try to find out approximately how many other people in the world face the same challenge that you have experienced and could benefit from your writing. If you have written a fantasy story, then find out how many people are engrossed in fantasy stories and games every day.

If you’re not sure where to go for this information, go online on the internet and ask your favorite search engine several questions. Include the subject matter you are writing about in terms of the size of the audience affected by or participating in it. Look for any research or news reports on the topic where numbers may be cited.

In the ‘self help’ category, try to determine how many people work with these people as counselors, practitioners or teachers. Find out if any of these service professionals belong to industry associations that publish journals or host annual or regional conventions. They may find your book a useful resource in the work they do with their patients and clients.

Research takes time, but you will most likely discover that there are potentially millions of people interested in your work. Now the problem is how to find them, or how to help them to find your book.

Engage in communication or interact with any subset of this audience by blogging, submitting articles to journals, attending conventions, and offering to speak on the topic. Find out where these various people go to find information, books, support, or programs on this topic, and insert yourself into those.

Start with your own family, friends, and associates network. If that many people are affected or interested in this topic, then each one of the people close to you will either know someone, or be the someone you need to reach. You cared when you began to write. You never stop caring long after the book is published. The book lends strength and credibility to your message. Never giving up is the only way to reach the millions of other who care, but don’t yet know about your book.