A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Yes, indeed. A picture captivates us and fires up our imaginations, conjuring up our own unique interpretations of what we see. Think for a minute about the thousand words. If you write a thousand words you transport each reader into the enchanted world of their own imaginations. In their minds they will see many pictures and movies as they read your story. Each reader creates their own unique picture from the same words. The number of pictures created is only limited by the imaginations of every person who reads the words.The power of a few words is immense.

You have a compelling story, a message, an experience, or research that can change lives. Start writing. You can captivate the imaginations of thousands of people in your own unique way. They will each experience your words in their own unique way. A thousand words may be worth a lot more than just one picture to thousands of readers. What's your story?